Things may look a bit different around here. I’m excited and relieved to finally release a design overhaul that I’ve been working on for the past several weeks.

The main goal of this redesign is to bring all things East5th under a single roof. No longer are things haphazardly scattered between three different subdomains and a variety of hosting services. Everything we have to offer can now be found at

All of our old blog content is still alive and well and can now be found at Be sure to check out our newly unified services page, and our brand new collection of case-studies.

When we get down to the nitty gritty details, things are still fundamentally the same. Now, the entire site is a collection of static pages built and generated with Jekyll.

Keeping things simple, we’re still relying on Github Pages for hosting, and using our previously described Zapier setup to schedule and release future blog posts.

Scheduling Posts With Jekyll, Github Pages & Zapier
Zapier Named Variables - Scheduling Posts Part 2

Last, but not least, we’re using a slightly modified Prism for all of our inline and block syntax highlighting needs.

This redesign is just the beginning on a larger set of infrastructure changes planned for East5th.

One of these upcoming changes will involve building out a Meteor backend application that communicates with a Serverless microservice. I’m planning on documenting and publishing the entire process behind building this service.

Stay tuned!