In 2016, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, the largest multi-facility hospital system in Memphis, Tennessee, came to me with a problem. They were staring down the barrel of $1.7 million dollars in licensing fees to expand their existing “Bed Control” system to other hospitals in their system.

They wanted to build an in-house solution.

It turns out that effectively and efficiently managing the massive number of beds found within a hospital is no small feat. The process of managing bed statuses, availabilities, and reservations is known as “Bed Control”, and purchasing proprietary Bed Control solutions can cost hospitals millions annually.

Working with a small team of Methodist developers, I began building an in-house, Meteor-based replacement. After overcoming some interesting technological obstacles, we delivered our real-time, fully auditable, HIPAA compliant Bed Control application to great acclaim.

After rolling out our custom Bed Control solution to all of the hospitals in their system, Methodist was able to effectively save millions in licensing costs.

Our home-rolled Bed Control system was so successful that Methodist decided to bring me back to help expand its capabilities.

In addition to managing bed statuses and availabilities, hospital administrators need to manage teams of cleaners and transporters to ensure that beds are efficiently cleaned after every patient stay and that incapacitated patients are smoothly transported between beds. Methodist’s wanted an upgrade to their low-tech, manual approach to managing these employees.

I helped Methodist’s integrate their newly-developed Bed Control with their Electronic Health Records system to track bed statuses, and built a Meteor-based administrator panel to manage teams of cleaners and transporters in real-time.

But giving administrators management tools was only half of the battle. I also built Cordova-based mobile applications for transporters and cleaners to give them the tools needed to report on their progress and receive updates from administrators in real time.

Thanks so much for all your help on this project. You and Eric did an amazing job, and even though this is exactly where I expected us to be at this time, I still look back and can’t believe we pulled this off. Especially since the little “ticket system” that I [originally planed] turned out to be an insanely complex and comprehensive work flow system. David Deas, Corporate Director, Innovation and Knowledge Analytics

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