I was lucky enough, recently, to be given the opportunity to speak with Mark Ericksen and Josh Adams on an episode of Elixir Mix. We covered a wide range of Elixir-related topics like binary manipulation and pattern matching, Erlang’s extensive standard library, and property-based testing.

A good portion of our time together was spent going over the progress I’ve made implementing my in-progress Bitcoin full node. I think the fact that we had so much to talk about in the context of that project goes to show that it’s a fantastic platform to show off many of Elixir’s strengths. Discussing it with Mark and Josh rekindled my fire for the project, and I’m hoping to make more progress soon!

We also talked a bit about playing guitar and Chord, my current Elixir-based passion project.

I highly recommend you check out the podcast, and sign up to hear more from Mark, Josh, and the entire Elixir Mix crew. Also, be sure to check out my “pick”, The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, if you’re into science fiction and you’re looking for a new book to read. I’m still thinking about the book weeks after finishing it.

Thanks again for having me on!