I’m a software developer, but I spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about software security. In fact, I’ve even recently started working on a software security service called Inject Detect!

Sometimes my friends and coworkers ask why I, as a software developer, spend so much time writing about security. Why don’t I give up on development and focus on security full-time?

Security is fundamental to everything we do as software creators. It is an underlying assumption that makes everything we do possible. We spend countless hours building an effective team, developing amazing software and nurturing trust with our users, but all of that falls to the floor without security.

Imagine your company is doing well. Your application is a pleasure to use, and your user base is rapidly growing. You’ve attracted investors and you’ve built yourself an amazing team.

But suddenly, everything changes. A malicious user has managed to find and exploit a severe vulnerability within your application. Their attack has negatively impacted hundreds users.

The hard earned trust between those affected users and your company vanishes instantly. Other users, when they learn of the attack, quickly begin to lose trust as well. Now, one of the first results when people google your product is a scathing TechCrunch article outlining the gory details of the attack. Soon, investors lose interest. With their lack of support and a rapidly dwindling user base, you realize that you won’t be able to make payroll this month.

The question of “why security?” is answered simply: Because everything we do depends on it.

Security isn’t something that can be tacked on at the end of the software development process. Building vulnerability-free software is a holistic process, and security should be considered along every step of the way.