Maybe it’s the pumpkin pie talking, but the spirit of thankfulness is flowing through me today. I want to take a minute to stop and reflect on the past year and give thanks where thanks is due.

A little over one year ago I started seriously experimenting with Meteor as a platform. Coming from a Java and PHP background and cobbling together front-ends with everything from Flex to AngluarJS and everything in-between, Meteor was a breath of fresh air. It let me focus on getting things done, rather than focusing on how to get things done.

The productivity boost I experienced when switching to Meteor was a game changer for my career. At the same time I was first digging into Meteor I decided to pursue full-time self employment. I opened up shop under the East5th name, and after my first year of business, I fully recognize that much of my success as a freelance developer and consultant is thanks to the technical foundation Meteor and the Meteor Development Group built out for me.

Thank you Meteor!

I’ve spent this past year intentionally investing more time into writing and creating content, and the results have been spectacular. Taking the time each week to write small blog posts and articles about various Meteor and software development topics has led to a huge outpouring of support and acceptance from the community.

On average, this blog gets approximately four thousand readers per month, and many of those people have become my close friends and colleagues. Many of those friends have offered invaluable help and advice throughout the year. I’m sincerely grateful to everything they’ve done for me, what they’ve helped me accomplish, and the opportunities they’ve given me.

Every Monday morning I push out some piece of content and eagerly wait for feedback from all of you. Your comments, questions, and suggestions truly help me grow as a developer. Hopefully something I write helps you as well.

I’m unimaginably excited about what the next few years will bring, and I hope I get to know a lot of you much better during that time!

If you want to get in touch, tweet me, or shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading!