I’ve decided to take an enormous step in my career. At the end of 2014 I left my job working as a contact software developer, and decided to forge my own path by starting a small web consultancy and development shop. After going through the hoops of incorporation, I can happily say that my company, East5th, is now alive, well and accepting clients!

Throughout my career as a software developer, I’ve come to believe in many ideas and ideals related to the software creation process. I believe that software should be tailor made to meet a client’s needs. Discovering what those needs are is fundamentally as important, or more important than implementing a solution. I believe that software should be developed iteratively. A minimum viable product will soothe a vast majority of pains at the lowest cost to the client. I believe in using value based pricing as a means of focusing on quality over commodity. More than anything, I believe that clients are looking for a professional’s expertise to guide them through the process of building a software solution.

I couldn’t be more excited to put these beliefs into practice with East5th.

1pxsolidtomato will live on! I’ll continue blogging on a variety of technical topics, but I hope to mix it up with updates on East5th and my experiences as a business owner. Stay tuned!